Billet Catch Can Kit, 8J Audi TT RS 2.5 TFSI
Billet Catch Can Kit, 8J Audi TT RS 2.5 TFSI
Billet Catch Can Kit, 8J Audi TT RS 2.5 TFSI
Billet Catch Can Kit, 8J Audi TT RS 2.5 TFSI
Billet Catch Can Kit, 8J Audi TT RS 2.5 TFSI
Billet Catch Can Kit, 8J Audi TT RS 2.5 TFSI

Billet Catch Can Kit, 8J Audi TT RS 2.5 TFSI

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034Motorsport is pleased to introduce the Billet Catch Can Kit for 8J Audi TTRS 2.5 TFSI!

034Motorsport's engineers invested significant effort developing and testing to create the most comprehensive and effective catch can kit on the market for the 2.5 TFSI motor. The 034Motorsport Billet Aluminum Catch Can Kit for 8J Audi TTRS features a completely revised high-capacity design to provide optimal crankcase ventilation while keeping oil and water vapor out of the intake tract. Furthermore, this catch can prevents oil ingestion during hard driving and heavy cornering loads seen on track. This kit is designed to drastically reduce carbon buildup within the intake tract and extended life from the motor. 


  • Prevents Crankcase Oil Deposits in Intake Manifold and on Intake Valves
  • Reduces Carbon Buildup
  • Ensures Proper Crankcase Ventilation
  • Integrated Dipstick for Easy Level Checks
  • Retains Factory Engine Cover
  • Simple Bolt-In Installation

What's Included:

  • CNC-Machined Billet Aluminum 034Motorsport Valve Cover Breather Fittings (Black Anodized)
  • 034Motorsport Modular Catch Can Assembly (Black Anodized)
  • -10 AN Catch Can Inlet/Outlet Hoses
  • No-Drill Mounting Bracket
  • Installation Hardware


  • 2012 - 2013 Audi TTRS (8J - MkII)

Installation Instructions:


  1. Vehicles running catch cans in below freezing temperatures are advised to remove the catch can during winter months to avoid freeze-up issues. Race cars that need to run catch cans in freezing conditions should take extra steps to prevent freeze-up such as an electric heater or cleaning out the system regularly. Take care when routing the lines and avoid drooping, as that can allow oil/water to collect and freeze.
  2. Due to the factory connection to the turbo inlet using security bolts, the turbo inlet or turbo will need to be removed from the car to uninstall the safety bolts and replace with 034Motorsport hardware and connector.  Please factor in extra labor time and effort to install this catch can kit. 
  3. This catch can kit does not remove the factory PCV breather plate and as such is designed to catch oil expelled out of the crank case via the rear port to the turbocharger inlet. We will consider additional components to address oil leakage via the front port, however based on our testing the rear port posed the biggest source of oil exiting the crankcase under boost.
  4. Some rest-of-world cars reportedly have a carbon canister located where the 034Motorsport Billet Catch Can is installed. If your car has this carbon canister in this location, it will have to be removed or relocated to another spot to allow room for the 034Motorsport Billet Catch Can.